The biggest and best charity fireworks display in Bristol


Below is a list of things that you might like to know with regards to the firework display on the 10th of November at Canford Park.

Q Where can I buy tickets?
A. Tickets can be purchased in advance:
• Online

• St Peter’s Hospice Shops in the Westbury-on-Trym area: Canford Lane, Westbury Hill, Stoke Lane and Henleaze Road

• Local school (if your child attends)

◦ St. & St Paul Primary  SchoolPTA

◦ Horfield CEVE   School Association

◦ Redmaids High Junior School

◦ Elmlea Junior and Primary PTAs

◦ Henbury Court Primary  Academy

◦ Little Mead Primary Academy

◦ Westbury-on-Trym Church of England Academy PTA

• Or simply take a chance and just turn up on the night and pay (subject to availability).

Q. What time is the firework display?
A. The gates open to get in at 5:30pm and the display will begin at 7:00pm. Remember to arrive early to get a decent viewing spot.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Tickets are £5 (under 3s free) whether purchased in advance online, from a St Peter’s Hospice Shop, a local school or £6 on the night. BUT buying in advance is the way to go. It might be the best display around but capacity at the site is limited – an advance ticket is the only way to guarantee your entry.

Q. Who gets the profits?
A. Local schools, St Peter’s Hospice and The Lord Mayor’s Children’s Appeal, as well as both Bristol Round Table’s and The Rotary Club of Clifton’s charities. We therefore leave the option for our clubs to also support other local charities and appeals. The organisers and other volunteers give their time and skills freely for charity and don’t profit by even a penny.

Q. Can we bring our own fireworks?
A. No. Give them up at the gate. Bringing and setting off your own fireworks and sparklers is dangerous and NOT allowed. We don’t want you hurting yourselves – or others. Anyone caught in possession of them will be escorted off site immediately – with no ticket price refund.

Q. Can we bring alcoholic drinks?
A. No. Give them up at the gate. Bringing in alcohol is not a good idea in a crowd and is strictly forbidden and anyone caught in possession of it will be escorted off site immediately- with no ticket price refund.

Q. Will you be providing entertainment?
A. Just as with the previous events held, we will have a fantastic ambling band to entertain the crowds before the firework display.

Q. Do you have disabled parking?
A. No, there is no reserved or disabled parking facility. We are recommending that people walk or take public transport as we are promoting this as a local event. However, once you are at the gate, access is flat and we will make sure wheelchair bound spectators have a good view. Just ask a marshal.

Q. Can I buy food and drink?
A. Yes, we have a number of excellent official food and non-alcoholic drink stalls that can be found on-site. We advise against anyone buying any items from street vendors outside the site area as they will not be official food and drink sales staff and we cannot be responsible for any poor quality products.

Q. Will you be selling glow sticks etc?
A. Yes, we have a high quality supplier, and all profits are returned to charity, so buy from us at a reasonable price once you are inside the site. Any street vendor selling glow sticks etc. outside Canford Park will not be official and we advise against buying such items as we cannot be responsible for the quality of those products.

Q. How long do the fireworks last?
A. The fireworks go on until we run out of matches. No really, the firework display will be of even higher impact than last year and will last around 16 to 18 minutes and will be carried out by a prize-winning professional pyrotechnic company.

Q. Who are you putting this spectacular firework fiesta on for?
A. The display is for anyone but especially those living in the local area and Bristol generally (although many others are attracted from further away) and so the proceeds will be going mainly to charities serving the local Bristol area.

Q. Will you have any funfair stalls and rides?
A. We will NOT have any such stalls or rides as our objective is to keep this event as simple as possible – and cheaper for parents with funfair-loving children!

Q. Will you have a bonfire?
A. No, it will purely and simply be a spectacular firework display only.

Q. In what circumstances could the event be cancelled?
A. Canford Park is reasonably sheltered and so the weather conditions would have to be fairly serious for the committee to cancel the event. But your safety is our number one priority, so all aspects are constantly reviewed.

Q. Will there be an area designated for lost children
A. Yes there will be an area designated for directing any lost children and this will be The Pavilion which as you look at the fireworks is adjacent to the tennis courts.  Please inform your children that if they ever become lost they will need to find someone with a hi-viz yellow jacket who will direct them to The Pavilion.

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